Visio Divina – Movie (Netflix) – The Waiting City

October 2022 – This month’s Visio Divina offering from reviewer Peter Malone msc is THE WAITING CITY.  It won the Catholic Film Office award in the year is was released.

Adoption is the theme for The Waiting City, the city in India where an Australian couple are full of expectations to meet the child they have been planning to adopt for two years.

A personally transforming event, is the urging wife, Fiona, to step into the river said to bless barren women. Fiona confesses to not believing in God but eventually steps in, walking right in, submerging herself, experiencing something transcendent, if not a presence of God. The water symbolism, womb, cleansing, purifying, depthing means that Fiona cannot be the same from now on.

Location photography is beautiful. Audiences from developed countries are taken right into India and challenged about their own expectations of affluence, poverty, hunger, comfort, hygiene, health, opportunities, what they take for granted. A sense of superiority is also challenged as the core of the story is human dignity – no matter who, no matter what.

See the trailer here