Visio Divina – Movie (Netflix): The Railway Man

September 2021 – Our film review by Peter Malone msc this month is:  The Railway Man.

Love your enemies. Easier said, not often done. One man who did was Eric Lomax, even though it took 50 years. He is The Railway Man (Thai-Burma Railway) of this film of a true story, based on Lomax’s autobiography.

Eric was incarcerated by the Japanese, tortured by a sadistic young officer, Tagase. The film shows the emotional damage to Eric’s life – and we are drawn in by Colin Firth’s presence and performance.

But, we might say, there is a miracle for him, the love of his wife, Patti (Nicole Kidman), who urges him to confront his demons, travel to Japan, find his jailer. He does.

It is not what he expected. Tagase has also aged, 50 years. Eric discovers Tagase’s change of heart, atonement, his post-war work for others. The two meet, a different confrontation than might have been expected, understanding, forgiveness. A film dramatising how loving one’s enemies is possible.

See the trailer here.