Visio Divina – Movie (Netflix): Mary Magdalene

February 2022 – This month’s Visio Divina offering from Peter Malone msc is MARY MAGDELENE.

This film can be recommended for those interested in an interpretation of the Gospel story. The screenplay has two women writers. Which means that the writing has a female sensibility.
The writers have been inventive about Mary’s early life. Mary, mentioned rarely, is one of the women who minister to Jesus after healing from seven demons. She is at the foot of the cross with Mary. She is with the disciples after Jesus’ death and is the first to go to the tomb, finding the stone rolled away, encountering Jesus in the garden, going back to the upper room and announcing the resurrection.
This is a film that should satisfy most Christian audiences. Catholics would respond well to it. It is a film that communicates the Gospel message, not completely, but credibly to any open-minded audience interested in knowing Jesus in the Gospel stories better with Mary Magdalene as a persuasive woman-guide.