Teachers’ Resources

Heart of Life has a wealth of experience working with schools to design spiritual enrichment programs for your staff teams.

Theme we have offered include:

  • Adult Faith Development
  • Leadership
  • Spirituality
  • Catholic Social Teaching
  • Prayer Experiences (Meditation,
  • Guided Reflections, Labyrinth, Integral Ecology)
  • Workshops


Heart of Life could provide, weekly programs, a day or a few hours of spiritual renewal. They could be designed specifically for your staff and facilitated by a qualified spiritual director.  Contact us to explore how we can assist you.  

CECV-Accredited Programs

Heart of Life will seek accreditation (to gain or maintain accreditation to teach or lead in Catholic schools) for any program we run if required.

One such example is our successful

“Life Lessons with Lasso series 

The series provides the opportunity to explore the spirituality of the heart and qualities of leadership learned from an in-depth reflection on the unlikely leader and coach, Ted Lasso. Rediscover the ways in which Jesus led in faith, hope and love. Learn more about leadership and the power of positivity, trust and belief in yourself and others.

Weeks 1-3 approved ‘Gaining/maintaining accreditation to teach in a Catholic school’ – 1.5 hrs each”


Heart of Life will seek accreditation where necessary.