Spiritual Direction

Heart of Life offers the ministry of Spiritual Direction – a traditional Christian practice in which seekers of God open their hearts to a trusted other, to grow in inner freedom and love.  Having someone listen deeply to our life-experience may open new ways of seeing “God who comes to us disguised as our life” (Richard Rohr). If you would like to know more about what spiritual direction is, click here.

How might the ordinary – and the not-so-ordinary – moments and events of our lives reveal this God to us in a family celebration … the loss of a job … the awareness of ageing … in disenchantment with the church … moments of solitude …?

If you would like to meet with an experienced spiritual director, contact Heart of Life.  Our spiritual directors hold appropriate qualifications, as recommended by Australian Ecumenical Council for Spiritual Direction.

In 2022/23, Catholic Religious Australia recommends spiritual direction be charged at $78. Heart of Life’s spiritual direction fee in 2022 is $72 per session however it is Heart of Life’s intention that no-one be excluded from receiving spiritual direction due to financial reasons.

Formation Guidelines & Code of Ethics

More information about the relevant Guidelines and Code of Ethics informing Australian spiritual direction practice can be found here.

Spiritual Directors-in-Formation

Heart of Life also has spiritual directors-in-formation available for spiritual direction, i.e.  students currently completing the Siloam Program for the Formation of Spiritual Directors.

Please contact Marlene McGrath on (03) 9890 1101 to make a booking with one of our Centre’s spiritual directors-in-formation.  Donations for sessions with spiritual directors-in-formation are welcome.