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Visio Divina - Movie (SBS on Demand): Incarceration Nation

October 2021 – Our film review by Peter Malone msc this month is:  Incarceration Nation (Australia, 2021, 90 minutes, Colour.  Directed by Dean Gibson)

Yes, it can be said that Australia has had a history of incarceration, from the arrival of the First Fleet and the subjugation of the long-standing indigenous... Continue reading...

Visio Divina - Movie (Netflix): The Railway Man

September 2021 – Our film review by Peter Malone msc this month is:  The Railway Man.

Love your enemies. Easier said, not often done. One man who did was Eric Lomax, even though it took 50 years. He is The Railway Man (Thai-Burma Railway) of this film of a true story,... Continue reading...

Visio Divina - Movie (Netflix): Gran Torino

August 2021 – Our monthly Visio Divina offering from Peter Malone Missionaries of the Sacred... Continue reading...

Visio Divina - Movie (Netflix): Evil Angels / A Cry in the Dark

July 2021 – Movie review by Peter Malone msc

A 1988 film, a challenging examination of conscience. It takes its audience back to Uluru, 1980, the disappearance of Azariah Chamberlain, a landmark piece of Australian history. The title was Evil Angels (echoes of the religious overtones and prejudice against Adventists). But,... Continue reading...

Visio Divina - Movie (Netflix): Babette's Feast

June 2021 – Movie Review by Peter Malone msc

We should never refuse an invitation to attend Babette’s Feast. A wonderful experience. This time the invitation comes from Netflix. Set in a 19th century Jutland village (and winner of Oscar for Best Foreign Language... Continue reading...

Visio Divina

May 2021

For regular movie reviews by movie critic Peter Malone msc, visit our facebook page.

Movie title:  ‘Healing’

See the trailer here.

Not a religious documentary. Rather, a moving Australian drama (winner of the Catholic award for 2014), now on Netflix.

The accompanying theme in Healing is Redemption,... Continue reading...

Audio Divina

30 May 2021

We offer you something to listen to which may feed your soul.

Deep Listening is our passion. Heart of Life acknowledges the wonderful work of Miriam Rose Ungunmerr Baumann, and her Miriam Rose Foundation . We encourage you to listen to this amazing interview as she... Continue reading...


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... Continue reading...