Let the Heart Listen Program

This is a 15-week part-time formation program for people involved in listening to, and supporting others, in life’s journey. It is an invitation to:

  • enter into a process of transformation, connecting you with the deeper mysteries of your own heart
  • open your heart in compassion for, and connection to and with others
  • deepen your relationship with your Divine Companion, especially in the vulnerable aspects of your life

The focus is on learning through the experience of contemplative listening and responding with heart to oneself, to others, and to God.

Celebrating 40 Years: Reflections on a Ruby Anniversary (ed. Brian Gallagher msc) contains heartfelt reflections by Heart of Life graduates, sharing the deep effects that their formation has had in their lives, on those around them, and in their ministry.  These personal accounts share the richness and depth of personal and spiritual transformation that ‘going deeper’ offers.

Janice Webster, graduate of Let the Heart Listen (and other Heart of Life programs), shares:   

For the first time in my life, I had to sit still and learn to listen, not just hear.  I had to learn to go inwards, and above all else, to honestly confront the darkness I had unknowingly been carrying all of my life.

To read this reflection in full, download PDF, or purchase Celebrating 40 Years: Reflections on a Ruby Anniversary.

Facilitators:  Carole Carmody rsm, Nicky Winters & Kathleen Ward

Dates: 15 x Thursdays from 22 February to 20 June 2024, 9.30am to 12.30pm – In person or via Zoom

Cost: $895

Places in the program are limited – we encourage applications as early as possible.  

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It was a privilege to participate in Let the Heart Listen with fellow searches and to support each other on the spiritual path. With the gentle and wise guidance of the co-leaders, I discovered a greater awareness and desire to engage in life more fully, to take a leap of faith, to open the door, to navigate the stepping stones and to be immersed in the seasons of life. LTHL both invited and challenged me to listen to the calling deep within my heart. This calling is an ongoing blessing in my life.



I was unsure what to expect when I signed up for Let the Heart Listen. I am not one to speak openly about my spiritual life with others and was hesitant to share what was deep in my heart. Over the sessions with the gentle directions and support of the group, I was able to open up to what was truly deep in my heart and learn to listen to the hearts of others. Over the weeks, there was a discovery of many joys and also sorrows that were deep in my heart and although the course has ended, it really is only the beginning of my journey.



I am still feeling the impact of this wonderful program. For me personally, I valued the process of a much deeper discernment with being more honest about what was happening, being felt in my heart. Our quiet time enabled me to reflect on the gift of God’s love and grace, especially relational – the many people I love in my life. Our facilitator Carole provided our group with valuable learning processes, group sharing, identifying areas of challenge/growth for how to “listen to all seasons of the heart.”