Seminars & Courses 2022


We invite you to check the list below regularly as new reflection events are regularly added.  Occasionally, dates of events need to be changed – these are updated in the list below as well as the downloadable Program.


What’s Coming Up … Reflection Events:

Spiritual Nourishment Day (…in-person or via Zoom)
(Carole Carmody rsm)

Thursday 25 Aug 2022, 1pm-4pm, $30

‘Rest and self-care are so important.
When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve from the overflow.
You cannot serve from an empty vessel.’
(Eleanor Brown)

Those in caring roles live with profound beauty amidst the challenges of daily life. We offer this reflection/retreat day to you, someone who frequently serves others who may need support, a place of welcome and some nurturing.

Take some time out for yourself, if you are able, and join us for an afternoon offered as an oasis. You will have the space and time to be silent, reflect, with the opportunity to share if you wish. We invite you to re-energise your mind and replenish your spirit.

Depending on the group, a further retreat day can be arranged.

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Treasuring Our Later Years (…in-person or via Zoom)
(Nicole Rotaru, BA, GDEd, CPE, B Social Work, GD Arts Therapy, M Supervision (MIECAT), Cert Supervision (UD))

Saturday 20 Aug 2022, 10am-4pm, $60

Our ageing offers us opportunities to be awake to the new possibilities offered daily. During our time together, we will consider themes that have special significance in our later years:  awakening to new possibilities in my life now; spirituality;  what is giving my life meaning?;  relationships;  gratitude;  death – mystery;  intimacy and delight in God’s presence.

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Assertiveness – Trusting Your Own Inner Voice (…via Zoom only)
(Chris Chaplin msc, Cert Spir Dir (Siloam))

Tuesday 30 Aug 2022, 7pm-9.30pm, $35

In this reflection event, we explore:

  • Finding within ourselves that voice of God that echoes who I am as good in the eyes of God.
  • What is it that distorts this perception and how that influences my judgement and behaviour.
  • Assertiveness, what it is and what it is not. Why being assertive is adult behaviour that builds up everyone’s strength and capacity to love.
  • Being assertive with God.  Being with an assertive God.

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Interludes of Your Making (…in-person or via Zoom)
(Margaret Trainor, BA Textile Art, M Therapeutic Arts, Grad Dip Spir Dir)

Saturday 10 Sep 2022, 10am-3pm, $60

You are invited to step aside for a personal interlude – a day to be supported as you quietly listen to your heart and allow the Spirit within to lead you gently forward.

Through intervals of creative expression and private reflection, individuals can foster new ways of attuning, sensing and articulating inner experiences. Playful use of mixed media expands the contemplative attentiveness. A focused process facilitates a gentle unfolding of self-understanding and meaning. Spiritual journalling will enable participants to notice emerging possibilities, capture otherwise fleeting insights and ponder a path of growth and change.

This is a private, companioned journey with no necessity to share. You can enter into your process at your own pace. No art experience is necessary. The outcome will be fresh awareness of your inner self.

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Gifts Differing – Understanding Your Personality Type (…in-person only)
(Peter Malone msc, BA(Hons), STL, DTheol (Honoris Causa))

Saturday 1 Oct 2022, 10am-3.30pm, $60

This is a Myers Briggs reflection day.  Attendees can complete the Personality Type Indicator form on the day.

Our graced selves, praying, communicating…

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Mindfulness & Meditation (…in-person or via Zoom)
(Paola Cheng, BA Social Work, Grad Cert Family Therapy, GDSD (Siloam), Trained Meditation Teacher in Mindful-based Cognitive Therapy & Mindful Self-Compassion)

Saturday 15 Oct 2022, 10am-2pm, $50 (BYO lunch)

When we are present to the ‘now’, centredness and relaxation become a natural part of life, and we know how to act from a heart of love. This is a day of prayer in the practice of Mindfulness & Meditation. We invite you to bring an open mind and heart to journey with others and within one self.

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