Individual and Group Supervision

Supervision is an essential requirement for anyone involved in pastoral ministry. Heart of Life endeavours to uphold the integrity of this ministry by offering Individual or Group Supervision, where pastoral journeys are shared, and skills and sensitivity increased through professional guidance.

Cost: $120 per session.

To arrange individual or group supervision with one of our Supervisors (a selection of which are listed below), email us or call (03) 9890 1101.

Heart for Life (H4L) Group Supervision Lunchtime Program

Monthly sessions – 1pm-2pm on 1st Wednesday of month until December 2024 (Cost: pro-rated from $200 for 9 sessions)

Anyone in individual ministry who is interested in receiving group supervision can still join this H4L group, which meets on a monthly basis.  The cost is pro-rated based on the join date.

This group is supported by a Heart of Life Supervisor to provide professional group supervision as well as professional development. Topics are tailored to meet the needs and interests of the group, with guest speakers engaged as required.

Register your interest in being part of the group by contacting us on (+61 3) 9890 1101 or email


Heart of Life Supervisors and Recognised Supervisors

Below is a list of Supervisors & Recognised Supervisors available at Heart of Life. They are available for individual or group supervision.

William (Bill) Brennan

Recognised Supervisor

Bill is a supervisor and has been a spiritual director for more than 20 years. He rejoins Heart of Life after having been a supervisor in the Siloam Program in 2006-2008. He was also a supervisor in the Arrupe spiritual direction formation program at Campion from 2008-2018.

Bill balances this contemplative heart space ministry with a long history as a community nurse working mostly with people experiencing homelessness. He acknowledges the central role of supervision for himself over the years as being the reason he was able to grow and experience much satisfaction in both ministries.

He feels called to support others in their own journey as a supervisor himself.

Dora Ghaitidis - Heart of Life

Dora Ghaitidis

Recognised Supervisor

Dora is a Supervisor.

Peter Hay - Heart of Life

Peter Hay

Recognised Supervisor

Peter is an experienced Supervisor and Spiritual Director who has been a member of the Heart of Life team in the Siloam, Emmaus, and Damascus programs. He also teaches the Ecological Spirituality seminar which is part of the Siloam training for Spiritual Directors. Empowerment through building self-awareness and inner strength are key aspects of Peter’s approach to both Spiritual Direction and Supervision.

Trudy Keur, Supervisor

Trudy Keur

Recognised Supervisor

Supervisor Member of the Australasian Association of Supervision (AAOS), General Member of the Association for Supervised & Clinical Pastoral Education in Victoria Inc. (ASACPEV) & Certified Advanced Member of Spiritual Care Australia.

Trudy comes to professional supervision with a background in education and chaplaincy/pastoral ministry in the Northern Territory, South Australia & Victoria. Throughout most of her ministry, she has worked cross-culturally in varying roles as teacher, leader, educator & chaplain.

Her passion as a Supervisor is in engaging with people for life-long learning, using reflective practice and focusing on well-being.

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Dean Mason

Recognised Supervisor

Dean provides supervision to multiple professions and ministries. A qualified spiritual director and executive coach, Dean also has a background in business and not-for-profit leadership. His depth of experience and expertise supports a quality of attention that offers to foster freedom and growth in practitioners of any ministry or helping profession. Dean enjoys a mix of conversational, experiential and playful approaches for engaging with others and with what matters, in the work of supervision.
Lynn Moresi - Heart of Life

Dr Lynn Moresi

Recognised Supervisor

Lynn is a Professional Pastoral Supervisor with over 40 years experience in pastoral leadership. She is also a Spiritual Director, Enneagram Trainer, University Lecturer and popular itinerate speaker who travels regularly to teach and minister in colleges, seminaries and churches, both here in Australia and overseas.  Much of Lynn’s ministry experience has been situated in large churches; however, in recent years, she has been drawn to the more contemplative expressions of worship found in the ancient mystics and nature. Her Doctoral thesis, (where she worked with Fr. Richard Rohr), was focused on preparing Christians to navigate the difficult faith formation stages of doubt and the dark night of the soul. Equipping supervisees to hold the tension between active ministry and reflective practice remains Lynn’s greatest passion. One of the unique services she offers is supervision-in-nature where the supervisee can combine the therapeutic value of walking in the forest, with professional pastoral supervision.

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Nicole Rotaru rsm

Recognised Supervisor

BA, GDEd, CPE, B Social Work, GD Arts Therapy, M Supervision (MIECAT), Cert Supervision (UD)

Nicole is a member of the Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea (ISMAPNG) formed in 2011. She was a member of the leadership team for the former Melbourne Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy, 2006-2011. She has over 45 years of experience working with adults and children in a range of settings including: education, palliative care, health, counselling/play therapy, refugee camps, development, safeguarding, spirituality and private practice.

Nicole values the place of supervision in her own professional practice. Gaining further insight into herself and exploring ethical issues have assisted her in encountering the people in her ministry. She remains committed to supervision and is passionate about offering both individual and group supervision that facilitates a deepening of insight and transformation. One of the delights of supervision has been encouraging the use of imagery, story, song and scripture as a way of deepening and expanding reflection on experience.

Clare Shearman - Heart of Life

Clare Shearman

Director & Supervisor

BA(Hons), MBA, Grad Dip Spir Dir (Siloam), Grad Dip Supervision, Supervisor: Australasian Association of Supervision

Clare was appointed Director of Heart of Life from January 2022. She graduated from the Siloam Program in 2013 and has been involved in spiritual direction and managed two retreat centres since then. Clare is a professional supervisor, and in a spirit of collaboration between institutions, Clare works with students studying with the University of Divinity’s Professional Supervision Program.

Clare has held leadership roles in the corporate world as well as in large and small not-for-profit organisations. She considers herself extremely blessed to be working for the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (at Heart of Life) together with the rest of the Heart of Life team, in service of those who are seeking to nurture their personal spirituality and pastoral skills for the benefit of others.

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Jo Sullivan


Grad Cert. Bereavement Counselling & Intervention, Grad Dip Professional Supervision, Supervisor: Australasian Association of Supervision, Member Transforming Practices Inc

Jo is a professional supervisor in private practice and part of the formation team for the Emmaus Supervision Program. As a spiritual director Jo enjoys being with and ‘listening slowly’ to others spiritual journeys. From 2011-2021, Jo was a pastoral care practitioner at St Vincent’s Hospital (Sydney). She also has qualifications in grief and bereavement counselling, in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE).

Jo is personally aware of life’s realities and complexities, human vulnerability, change and loss, and draws on these experiences as a resource to uphold and support the human spirit – to promote life in all its fullness. Jo loves walking by the ocean and being in the countryside. Her four children and five grandchildren remind her of what is important in life.

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