Sr Robyn Reynolds olsh, RIP

Heart of Life staff and students gathered today to share a time of remembrance for our dear colleague Robyn, who died unexpectedly on 1st October 2023.

Robyn was full of love for Heart of Life, for what we do and for our students and staff.  In fact, Robyn was just full of love. Her heart spirituality shone through whether she interacted with us as individuals or in the groups she facilitated and participated in. She was tireless in her encouragement of our ministry.We are thankful that we had an opportunity to tell her how much she meant to us earlier this year when she retired from her lecturing position.  We also know that the words spoken by past staff and students about the impact she had on them touched her deeply too.

A centrepiece for Robyn Reynolds olsh, RIP. A heart made out of fabric, flowers, a candle and the Scripture.

Remembrance centrepiece, 2 Oct 2023. Photo: Yohanes Purwanta msc.

As someone said today, “If it wasn’t for Robyn, I wouldn’t be here.” That was Robyn, her love extended to us all in different ways. Goodbye dear Robyn.  We will miss you.

-Clare Shearman, Director


Sr Robyn Reynolds olsh, receives gifts at the end of her lecture.

Sr Robyn Reynolds olsh, shows pure delight at the gifts received from her Siloam students at the end of her last lecture. June 2023. Photo: John Purwanta msc.