July 2022 – An Invitation to Zoom into our Taster Session…

Taster Session, Saturday 27 August 2022, 9.30am-11am AEST
The aim at Heart of Life is to be attuned to the Spirit of God in ourselves and in the other person.

We offer you the opportunity to experience a taste of one of the programs offered in 2023 below via a facilitated gathering on Zoom.

  • Siloam Program for the Formation of Spiritual Directors
  • Emmaus Supervision Program
  • Spiritual Leaders Program
  • Let the Heart Listen Program

For information on any of these programs, please visit the course pages under the tab ‘Seminars/Courses’.

To book for the Taster (please choose ONE program), click here.

Deepen your Spirituality and Knowledge through one of our Seminars
– commencing Monday 18 July 2022 – via Zoom or in-person

Heart of Life’s 14-week seminars (approx two hours per week) are not only informative, they are transformative.

Each explores in some depth the topics outlined below. These core seminars of the ‘Siloam Program’  are presented by highly qualified and experienced lecturers whose teaching approach incorporates the mind, the heart and the spirit.

Attendees have the option of completing the assessments (and receiving written feedback from the lecturer), which we highly encourage as a way of reflecting on, deepening and consolidating the learnings.

Semester 2/2022 Seminars
Ecological Spirituality
Grace & Conversion
Spirituality of Human Life Stages A
Professional Standards in Ministry
The Human Experience of God

To learn more and book to participate in any of the seminars, click here.