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Heart of Life Spirituality Centre, A History by Peter Malone msc

This book is intended as an historical record of the 34 years, 1983-2016, working from the annual brochures and naming everyone who offered workshops and who supervised the courses. Brian Gallagher msc contributed the section on Siloam, Susan Richardson on Spiritual Leaders and Supervision of Congregation Leaders, and Paul Castley on the Clinical Pastoral Education programs. Graduates from all programs are listed at the back of the book. To help readers along, there are stories, some anecdotes and a range of photos. Present director, Paul Beirne, contributed the Foreword, and Brian Gallagher the Afterword.

Heart of Life Spirituality Centre, A History by Peter Malone msc, 2017, 131pp, $15

Pray As You Are …
Brian Gallagher msc
This was Brian Gallagher’s first book – written initially as a ‘parish pamphlet’ (Collins Dove, 1990), then revised and expanded in a second edition (Nelen Yubu, 1999). The early chapters develop a contemplative way of prayer, ‘being real before God’. Later chapters (co-authored with Sue Richardson pbvm in the second edition) offer a practical approach to discernment, learning from personal experience, and concluding with suggestions for everyday prayer.

Pray as You Are, Nelen Yubu, Kensington NSW, 1999, 26pp, $5

People Prayer: Stories Of God
Brian Gallagher msc
This is a book about how people pray – twenty true stories are included, each quite personal and unique. The Foreword suggests ways in which we might learn about prayer from one another.

People Prayer, Collins Dove, Melbourne, 1991, 40 pp, $5

Taking God To Heart: A Living Spirituality
Brian Gallagher msc
Based on his personal experience as a spiritual guide and teacher, and supported by extensive quotations from the tradition of Christian spirituality, Brian develops a readable, down-to-earth spirituality of the heart. This book is a best seller.

Taking God to Heart, St Pauls Publications, Homebush NSW, 2008, 78 pp, $15

Communal Wisdom: A Practical Guide For Group Discernment
Sue Richardson pbvm and Brian Gallagher msc
Sue and Brian offer a practical approach to group discernment, based on a sound theology of communion and their long experience as spiritual directors and facilitators with a wide variety of groups. The Foreword by Denis Edwards and the authors’ last chapter summarise well their teaching on personal and communal discernment.

Communal Discernment, Nelen Yubu and Heart of Life, 2009, 44 pp, $10

Jesus According To The Scriptures
Peter Malone msc
This is another of Peter Malone’s well-known writing. His focus is on the person of Jesus, but seen in the light of the Old Testament stories and patterns suggested by the Gospel writers. In this way, our appreciation of Jesus is deepened.

Jesus according to the Scriptures, Chevalier Press, Kensington, 2011, 227 pp, $15

The Type & Movie Book: Personality through the Lens of Cinema
Peter Malone msc
Cost: $25

Heartvoice & Gospel Of Love
James Maher msc
These two original CD s of James Maher – his own music and lyrics – are contemporary in their spirituality, sound in their theology, and inviting in their appeal. They are ideal for personal prayer, as well as parish and community singing.

Heartvoice $30

Gospel of Love $30