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Heart of Life Spirituality Centre, A History by Peter Malone msc

This book is intended as an historical record of the 34 years, 1983-2016, working from the annual brochures and naming everyone who offered workshops and who supervised the courses. Brian Gallagher msc contributed the section on Siloam, Susan Richardson on Spiritual Leaders and Supervision of Congregation Leaders, and Paul Castley on the Clinical Pastoral Education programs. Graduates from all programs are listed at the back of the book. To help readers along, there are stories, some anecdotes and a range of photos. Present director, Paul Beirne, contributed the Foreword, and Brian Gallagher the Afterword.

Heart of Life Spirituality Centre, A History by Peter Malone msc, 2017, 131pp, $15

Pray … As You Are
Brian Gallagher msc
This was Brian Gallagher’s first book – written initially as a ‘parish pamphlet’ (Collins Dove, 1990), then revised and expanded in a second edition (Nelen Yubu, 1999). The early chapters develop a contemplative way of prayer, ‘being real before God’. Later chapters (co-authored with Sue Richardson pbvm in the second edition) offer a practical approach to discernment, learning from personal experience, and concluding with suggestions for everyday prayer.   Pray as You Are, Nelen Yubu, Kensington NSW, 1999, 26pp, $5

People Prayer: Stories Of God
Brian Gallagher msc
This is a book about how people pray – twenty true stories are included, each quite personal and unique. The Foreword suggests ways in which we might learn about prayer from one another.   People Prayer, Collins Dove, Melbourne, 1991, 40 pp, $5

Taking God To Heart: A Living Spirituality
Brian Gallagher msc
Based on his personal experience as a spiritual guide and teacher, and supported by extensive quotations from the tradition of Christian spirituality, Brian develops a readable, down-to-earth spirituality of the heart. This book is a best seller.   Taking God to Heart, St Paul’s Publications, Homebush NSW, 2008, 78 pp, $15

Communal Wisdom: A Practical Guide For Group Discernment
Sue Richardson pbvm & Brian Gallagher msc
Sue and Brian offer a practical approach to group discernment, based on a sound theology of communion and their long experience as spiritual directors and facilitators with a wide variety of groups. The Foreword by Denis Edwards and the authors’ last chapter summarise well their teaching on personal and communal discernment.   Communal Discernment, Nelen Yubu and Heart of Life, 2009, 44 pp, $10

Jesus According To The Scriptures
Peter Malone msc
This is another of Peter Malone’s well-known writing. His focus is on the person of Jesus, but seen in the light of the Old Testament stories and patterns suggested by the Gospel writers. In this way, our appreciation of Jesus is deepened.   Jesus according to the Scriptures, Chevalier Press, Kensington, 2011, 227 pp, $25

Jesus: Our Story
Frank Andersen msc
This book is ideal for anyone seeking meaning in the story of Jesus for their own lives, whether they find themselves newly called to ministry in their parish or elsewhere, involved in Christian community, or struggling in their own experience of faith and the Church. Fr Andersen writes from his conviction that in the person of Jesus we discover the meaning of our own humanity – that the story of Jesus is Our Story.   Jesus: Our Story, NSW, Australia, HarperCollins, 1994, $20

Music CD – Heartvoice
James Maher msc
This original CD of James Maher – his own music and lyrics – is contemporary in its spirituality, sound in its theology, and inviting in its appeal. It is ideal for personal prayer, as well as parish and community singing.   Heartvoice $30

Set Me Free: Spiritual Direction & Discernment of Spirits
Brian Gallagher msc
Brian Gallagher believes that discernment of spirits is integral to the ministry of spiritual direction and all forms of pastoral ministry and bases his study of discernment on a sound theology of the Holy Spirit, a psychology of human freedom, and practical examples from his and others’ experience of the spirits.   Set Me Free, Victoria, Australia, Coventry Press, 2019, $35

The Eyes of God: Living Discernment
Brian Gallagher msc
This is a book about the different attractions in our lives, their sources, their power to affect our decision making for good or ill. It is a book about human freedom and human limitation, about the need to acknowledge the unconscious places of unfreedom in our lives, and about the quest for inner freedom and wholeness for the sake of discerning choices that are life-giving.   The Eyes of God, Victoria, Australia, Coventry Press, 2019, $27

God’s Foolishness: A Spirituality of Heart
Brian Gallagher msc
Reflecting on his own life and on the lives and teachings of a range of spiritual writers, Brian Gallagher discovers God’s foolishness, ‘wiser than human wisdom’. He gladly acknowledges the influence of these women and men on his personal spirituality, a spirituality of the heart.   God’s Foolishness, Victoria, Australia, Coventry Press, 2020, $25

No Greater Love: The Human Experience of God
Brian Gallagher msc
A sequel to ‘God’s Foolishness’, Brian reflects on the lives and teachings of a number of other ‘prophets’ who have encouraged and inspired him in his own life and ministry. In common to all is their experience of God’s love in their lives, in joyful times and in painful times.   No Greater Love, Victoria, Australia, Coventry Press, 2021, $21

A Time to Hope: Finding Encouragement in Prayer & Ministry
Paul F Castley msc
At a time in the life of the church, when so many are disheartened and ashamed, how can we speak of a time to hope? When people in the pews – the most in the pulpits – are dismayed not only by accounts of abuse but by the responses of leaders, where will we find hope? A time to hope is a timely, honest and faith-filled response to that cry. This book is offered to all Christians struggling with prayer, looking for ways to renew and strengthen their sense of belonging, open to receiving into their hearts the gift of hope that only God can give.   A Time to Hope, Victoria, Australia, Coventry Press, 2019, $23

Alive with Disability: Reflections on my Vision Impairment
Khoi Doan Nguyen msc
Intensely honest, this book is an expression of Khoi Doan Nguyen’s faith journey with a profound longing to rediscover who he is through the relationship with his disability companion and share those insights and experiences with his fellow travellers – all of us, with our disabilities. Alive With Disabilities acknowledges those early reactions, the times of depression and deep anxiety, but reveals…an invitation to dare stretching the heart to a new state of acceptance.
Alive With Disability, Victoria, Australia, Coventry Press, 2021, $24

Music Triple-CD – Rising Moon: Scripture in Song for Groups & Private Prayer / Antiphons for Congregational Singing & Worship
Frank Andersen msc
For Group & Personal Prayer – The 66 musical pieces in this collection are deeply scriptural. If your meetings require a more meditative commencement (or concluding) prayer, then this resource is ideal. Each musical antiphon is presented with short pieces of reflective Scripture chosen from the Sunday Readings. Singing together and silent reflection on God’s Word are here presented in balanced simplicity. It is then a simple process to share together something of what may have touched each person’s heart as the prayer-time comes to conclusion.
For Worship – Many of these antiphons are composed for congregational singing. They can thus have a life independent of their presentation on these three CDs. Easily memorised, a selection of these antiphons can form the basis of any congregation’s responsive repertoire, usable in a variety of ritual moments. An Accompaniment book for instrumentalists (including harmonies for choral enrichment) is available from Chevalier Music.  Rising Moon
, $45

Music CD – Hidden Within the World: Songs of Hope, Loss & Transformation
James Maher msc
Hope and transformation usually come through our experiences of loss. What need is there for hope if life is always good and things always go well? It is the experience of loss and suffering which makes hope necessary. Life, at times, is a very painful mystery, but if we are open to it, loss and suffering will transform us. We will become more loving and more free. The dying that is involved can bring about the rising, or the birth, of a new self. It is the work of grace, and our cooperation with it. It is the story of Jesus. Hope is the small flame that burns in the darkness, when every reason for it to be burning is gone: ‘the softest flame, almost unseen, burning without a cause’. It is not something we can generate on our own; it is a gift from beyond.
Hidden within the World, $30