Welcome to Heart of Life’s new-look website.  There is something for everyone in here.  Please grab a cuppa and have a scroll around.  Whilst it will need some tweaks over the next little while, we are really pleased with it and a big thanks to our web designers, David and Karen Cheah and Geralyn Anderson.  They have worked extremely hard over the last few weeks to enable us to launch the new website on our 40th birthday!  Also thanks to our Business Manager, Cecilia Rogers, who has gone the extra mile to ensure everything fit together.  It has been a great example of teamwork in action.

Turning to our 40th birthday, we will celebrate with cake and look forward to other celebrations throughout the year (see our 2023 program).

In a nice circular aging journey, one of our founders, Brian Gallagher msc, featured on the ABC Radio National’s God Forbid program yesterday, talking about aging.  The episode, entitled “The War on Ageing”, is interesting in itself and Brian’s contribution was excellent. Listen to it here.

Episode: The War on Ageing, God Forbid (ABC Radio National)

Aging is a process of acceptance, adaption and living life as fully as we can, to be who God created us to be – His Heart on earth.  We are excited for our next 40 years and to have you along on the journey with us.

Clare Shearman