Heart of Life is a centre for spiritual and pastoral formation

We are now receiving applications for our formation programs running in 2023 and we invite you to join us for a ‘Taster’ session, where you can learn more about our programs…see below

Heart of Life is a centre for spiritual and pastoral formation, offering:

  • Siloam Program – full-time or part-time program for the formation of spiritual directors
  • Emmaus Supervision Program – part-time program for the formation of professional supervisors
  • Spiritual Leaders Program – part-time, online program for the formation of spiritual leaders
  • Let the Heart Listen Program – part-time formation program for people involved in listening to and supporting others in life’s journey
  • Reflection Resources – resources to watch, listen to, or practise, as spiritual nourishment in your day
  • Parish Resources – programs that we can design with you for your parish’s spiritual enrichment
  • Teachers’ Resources – professional development approved by CECV, and other resources
  • Spiritual direction
  • Individual or group supervision
  • An annual program of faith-based reflection events, seminars and workshops on varying themes, ranging from a couple of hours to one day or multiple weeks
  • Professional development events for those in ministry
  • Heart to Practise (H2P) – for our Alumni, a program for Heart of Life graduates to gather, support each other and receive professional development
  • Retreats, either in-house, live-in (Shoreham VIC) or as outreach, and sabbaticals
  • A spirituality centre located beside St Joseph’s parish in the heart of Malvern

Please note our new address from 1 January 2021:

Heart of Life Centre for Spiritual & Pastoral Formation
Kildara Centre
Rear 41 Stanhope Street
Malvern  VIC  3144
(Telephone remains as (03) 9890 1101)