The Best of Times, The Worst of Times & Covid One Nine

by Paul Beirne, Director of Heart of Life Centre for Spiritual & Pastoral Formation

Some years ago, I attended a Higher Education conference in Canberra at which the key-note speaker—The Federal Minister for Education– began his presentation by posing a question to the assembly:

“Can anyone name the Three Chinese Curses?”, he... Continue reading...

The Tree on the Hill

by Paul Beirne

In 1966, after taking a year ‘out’ following high school to determine what to do with my life, I joined a Catholic religious order to begin training as a missionary priest. One did this by ‘entering a Novitiate’–a religious tradition dating back centuries–which required a significant leap of... Continue reading...

Autumn Reflection

by Paul Beirne

About 25 years ago, give or take, when I was residing in Seoul, South Korea, I had the opportunity to play host to two German priests who were on their way home from missionary work in Indonesia. They were in Seoul for a day and a half, and... Continue reading...

The Gift of Spiritual Direction

by Brian Gallagher msc

People often ask me ‘what do you do all day?’ For some reason, ‘mowing the lawn, pruning the roses, and walking the dog’ never seem good enough answers. ‘But what’s your work?’ they say. ‘Well, ok, I’m a spiritual director.’ Sometimes the next response is ‘A what!?’... Continue reading...